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from NoU1
Letters from Iran
date 21 June 2009 12:01

Helicopter pouring chemical agent on protesters. Teheran - Saturday june 20th 2009


I just heard the number of killed in yesterday demonstration: more than 20!

There is a internet group. Its members write short messages every moment and keep informed each other about news, arrangements of next demonstration and share anti filter softwares and websites. I get most of news from them. Also I have lots of friends in Tehran who were studying there but now they are fighting!!

Teheran War - Saturday june 20th 2009

We’re confused, like floating in vacuum. What’s happening? Nobody knows. What should we do? Nobody knows. Every thing is so complicated and unpredictable. Previously; when some social or political events occurred we were referring to analysis of reformist elites, but now all of them, are in jail or under pressure. We just know that we started a movement not 2 weeks ago, but 12 years ago (reformations movement) and now we must finish it. We feel fear and hope at the same time. We are sorry about this situation because we believe; there were more peaceful ways for reformations. They faced us violently and blocked all other ways. We are worried because Iran isn’t like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. Iran is a great not developed but civilized country. We didn’t want our country involved in attrition and endless unrests. How can we put an end, a good end to it?!! Reasonably it looks impossible and takes long time, but idealistically it’s possible. Yesterday's demonstration actually was a war. One side a huge number of armed cruel forces and another side young boys and girls. Some students who the only weapon they ever handled is pen! Some parents who just wanted to take back their son’s and daughter’s bodies and some old men and women! We are not organized. We have no clear plan, no charismatic leader like Khomeini… these shortages increase our damages, But there’s no U turn.

Teheran War - Saturday june 20th 2009

I disgust myself and every body in this town when I see people here live ordinary daily life with no change. It’s because of the damned TV that bewitches them. Bombing propaganda is running before sunrise to midnight. They never showed a single picture of numerous protesters. They show fires and don’t tell any thing about tear gas that force people to make fire for protection. They are angry about BBC that shows truth and say a terrorist group from England arranges the unrest! Radan, commander of army a few minutes ago said:our forces didn't have any weapons!! but rebels had and they killed some of our men!! God, It's the worst lie I ever heard. Now I'm sure, we can't stand these liars any more.

This morning a young girl asked me: Is still this green wristlet in fashion?!!!!! I told her: yes, lots of people have been killed and injured and arrested and kidnapped because of this green fashion. So, it’s very popular we keep wearing it.

Teheran Mass Rally - Saturday june 20th 2009

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