Thursday, 25 June 2009


The split in Iranian society which one month ago when I was there was an underground murmur by the exhausted population has now become an open rift and has reached a level of deafening intensity.

The tragedy is that the regime is filling this rift with the dead bodies of the people of Iran.

The situation in Tehran as the regime unveils its brutal barbaric forces on the Iranians has suddenly turned into an absolute nightmare.

The reports sent in by reliable twitterers since Monday all say that Police and basiji brutality have reached barbaric levels, that they hit and shoot without discern men and women, young and old, protesters and passers-by.

International medias now scarcely report on events in Tehran as they have no possibilities to check information, and they are now monitoring feeds from the few twitterers who remain active in Tehran.

There has apparently been no massive rally since last Saturday’s open battlefield scenes from Tehran (20 june). Information is becoming more and more difficult to obtain and if it wasn’t for the incredible courage of just a few which manage still to report live through twitter, endangering themselves dramatically in doing so, we would have no information whatsoever on the unfolding of the situation.

The regime is brutally hitting back since it was caught by surprise by the resolve of the protesters last Saturday and reports from Tehran are more dramatic as days pass. Police and Basiji are everywhere in the streets and acting with unrestrained violence against all of Iranian population. Reports that they beat with the same fierce brutality men and women.

Reports of rallies did get out of the country Monday and Tuesday, but distressing ones of protesters being vastly outnumbered by the regime’s armed forces and being wildly assaulted.

Reports of bigger rally on Wednesday afternoon on “Baharestan” square (Parliament square) which turned into a vicious massacre as at least a thousand of regime thugs assaulted the protesters and killed many.

Reports of violent street fights again this afternoon (Thursday 25th june) around Enghalab square are impossible to confirm.

But the flow of information is now so light that it seems it could come to a halt pretty soon. There are very few Photos and videos from the alleged past days events and, as more videos continue to emerge from last Saturday’s street fights, it is in most cases impossible to know when and where they were taken.

It is therefore almost impossible to grasp the situation inside Iran right now. A black cloud of death, terror and rage has covered the country.

It is for the moment impossible to answer the question as to what happens next. Situation is so unclear and so unstable. What is certain though is that there is no turning back. Either the protesters succeed and bring this regime to its end, either Iran falls into a long nightmare of repression, death and torture as the surviving ailing regime would be in a constant state of hysterical paranoia.

At letters from Iran, we published and sent around to different web agencies an account received Wednesday June 24th by our second correspondent NoU2. This account from doctor at Tehran “Rasul Akram” Hospital is now been widely publicized around the net.

Our primary correspondent, NoU1 told us he would be in Tehran on Baharestan square yesterday. We are now waiting for news. The regime is eagerly seeking to bring to a complete halt information from Iran and the couragous ones who continue exporting information are under very serious threats.

We praise the incredible bravery of the Iranian population who apparently continues gathering despite the now widely publicized extreme violence the regime meets them with.

We believe that the fact that the regime has become so brutal is because they are hysterically frightened now and that they cannot survive many more days like Saturday, when massive rallies and riots against armed forces occurred all around Tehran. Iranians have come such a way in the last 2 weeks that we don’t think they will stop now, especially after the atrocity of the violence they have suffered, they who just hoped for reforms to peacefully occur within the regime but who now risk spending the rest of their lives in a state of perpetual terror if they stop what they have started.

We believe that despite the apparent control the regime tries to display since Sunday of the streets of Tehran, the simple fact that smaller but constant open defiance continued is a good indication of what could happen next. Revolutions don't happen in one week, but this one will not be long to overthrow the regime. Young Iranians fighting the regime with stones and computers have come such a long way in such a short time. I read again our correspondence with NoU1 from two weeks ago, when something like last Saturday’s event seemed impossible, but it happened. Iranian people attacked the regime and the regime is shacking from top to bottom, because they know there are illegitimate, they know revolutions, they know Iranians.

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