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from NoU1
Letters from Iran
date 20 June 2009 00:56
subject Tehran

Tehran demonstration, Thursday 18 june 2009 (photo by NoU1)

Hi Fran├žois,

On Fridays, most of streets in central area of Tehran are closed because of the “Friday prayer”.

So, today, there wasn’t demonstration. Protesters in Tehran are going to go for rally tomorrow at 4 p.m.

The first thing I want to tell you about yesterday's demonstration is: that no picture can show you the real number of participants. An old man was sitting on a chair in a sidewalk. I asked him: Did you see the first part of this line? He answered: I’ve been here for 4 hours but I couldn’t see the first of this huge line and I think I’m not able to see the end of it! Happily, it was a perfect one: well-ordered, silent and without injured and murdered.

Tehran demonstration, Thursday 18 june 2009 (photo by NoU1)

The most dangerous time is when the people little by little separate and go. Because some of unknown horrible forces in ordinary cloths with strange arms like: hatchet, chains, dagger, pepper spray and also colt follow some people and attack them in quiet places.

So, on the way back to home at 8 o’ clock we have to hide our green signs. Streets are very insecure. This early morning when I was in bed at 5 a.m I woke up suddenly hearing a loud cry asking for help. I opened the window immediately and saw a young man who squeezed his eyes and his left hand chained by a manacle to the steering wheel of his car. I called the police. He told us two men with a motorcycle followed him and got him in that dead end lane and attacked him with pepper spray and took the switch of his car, then threatened him to attack his house!

Tehran demonstration, Thursday 18 june 2009 (photo by NoU1)

Protester every night at 10 go to roofs and shout slogans together and the main sentence is “Allaho akbar” which means God is great. This Arabic sentence is a part of prayer. During the 1978 Islamic revolution people were doing exactly the same thing, first to get to this regime and now to get rid of this regime!!

Sometimes because of these nightly slogans they find opponents’ houses and attack them. They attacked the parking space of an apartment complex and shattered all the cars. The BBC Persian showed the video.

The BBC received from hot bird satellite because of parasites from Iran is cut off completely. Some people can receive it from tele star but we can’t.

Guess what, SMS system is still dead all over the country but On TV programs they say: ok, let’s read some of your messages! We hate them, why do they look at us as silly persons?!! They showed 2 injured policemen, they told a tragic story about cruel agitators who hurt them savagely. A trusted friend told me the guards broke side mirrors and wind screens of parked cars to accuse protesters.

Tehran demonstration, Thursday 18 june 2009 (photo by NoU1)

How ever today the leader finished his work in worst way. He said dishonesty in election is impossible! And Mousavi is just instigating enemies!

He showed he is unfair and love power much more than people. He cried and pretended he is a broken hearted compassionate leader. Shame on him!

Perhaps we, the second and third generation of Islamic revolution become scarified, but I can see aversion in children eyes, they are the fourth generation of Islamic nightmare in Iran. They will never cope with this regime.

Tehran demonstration, Thursday 18 june 2009 (photo by NoU1)

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