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Letters from Iran
date 16 June 2009 19:32
subject some explanations

Hi again,

Most of political articles written by foreigner political analysts I’ve ever read are good and precise. But they explain Iran’s conditions by usual concepts and know almost nothing about complicated Islamic sciences that mullahs teach and study in their schools.

A still from a video broadcast by Iran's IRIB televsion yesterday: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks at a meeting with representatives of presidential candidates. Photograph: AP/IRIB

Also in Iran just mullah understands mullah!! And they deceive people together. For example “authority of jurisprudence” theory is about the necessity and authority of leader in an Islamic government. It’s got different branches and one of them that is dominant in Iran is “unconditional authority of jurisprudence or leader”. It means leader is like a king and all parts of government finally must obey him. Even the election results.

Protesters from Wednesday's rally held placards reading « Where is my vote ? » - a reference to about a million votes missing from the count that saw incumbent President mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared a winner. (Getty images)

You know it’s against the word republic in Islamic republic of Iran!! At Islamic revolution they had to put this word (republic) to persuade public opinion and developed countries. This name is formal but in practice they believe Islamic government not republic. They made “Islamic democracy”! It means peoples vote not for choosing a president or representative but for showing loyalty to leader. So, now you understands why leader confirms correctness of election before the adequate supervisor organization!! In Ahmadinejad and his friends point of view it’s 100% legal that leader prefer a special candidate because leader is guardian of nation in such a regime.

June 17 . 2009 Silent Protest in Tehran by IRAN

Reformist researchers and mullahs (we have a few reformist mullahs!!) disagree with this radical branch of that theory. But Ahmadinejad, military forces, some theoreticians and leader support it. Normal people can’t understand the differences. As you told me they just swallow information from TV and radio. Some of them don’t even know TV and radio are governmental in our country. They trust them completely. For these reasons I think we can’t succeed unless the leader changes or dies, or the regime falls. Or a miracle happens!! Because leader is everything and if a single person say just one slogan against leader in rally they can kill him legally!

Image posted on Twitter apparently showing supporters of Mirhossein Mousavi who had been shot and injured (source: )

There are lots of people who still believe in this government (I think about 50% of nation). Because the government work on their minds and their emotions by ideological beliefs. They tied their ideas with Islam and Muslim people eat them and trust. So, the regime doesn’t fall as like as Pahlavi regime at 1979. At those days most of people hate king because he was against their Islamic beliefs but now a magnificent percent of them believe leader and authorities. Therefore I believe Iran hasn’t got potential for a new revolution, just step by step reformations works and it takes years. After 30 years this protest is the greatest one.

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