Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tehran rally, July 9th 2009, Eyewitness account

From NoU1
to Letters from Iran
Date: July 10th 2009

Tehran was very exciting!! On previous demonstrations I wasn’t so near to clashes.
I was on where Tehran University is. There were thousands of protestors but dispersed.

When I arrived in, people were just walking on sidewalks without any pauses. The only unusual thing was the great number of pedestrians! Policemen stood every where. All pedestrians were quiet. No body could recognize if they are protestors or not. While we were walking we just took a quick look at each other. I felt, I was looking at dynamite while its fuse was burning. Every body expected an explosion at any time. Suddenly a very old woman started yelling at a militiaman: “Stop killing people, you are the real Zionists…Allahu Akbar!!!” she told the Key word then every body started shouting Allahu Akbar, so, revolt and crackdown started. They shot lots of tear gas capsules. So, we had to make fire with every thing available. They started beating protestors with electric batons. I’ve never seen before. The electric shock hurled a man about 2 meters away. Every thing got worse and frightening when those unknown savage forces came over on their motor cycles. I can never forget the situation. I was in the middle of street, just in front of every body. I recognized them when they were far. I was looking into their eyes. They were very dirty, ugly and scary. You’ve seen their photos. I shouted and alarmed every one. They brought out their colts in front of my eyes. There was no way to escape, I sat in gutter beside a tree. So, we were under siege.They closed both sides of street. Finally, about 30 of us joined each other and passed among them. We went to an alley and started shouting slogans again. That was a mistake. There were just a few of us so; they followed us on motor cycles. Some of us entered in neighbors houses. They were trying to break the doors and take them.

I was running and just looking ahead. Finally, I got lost and lost them!!

Now I’m fine and happy to have had such an experience.

Strangers in our country

From noU1

To Letters from Iran

Date: 4th July 2009


We pass horrible days. Propaganda bombing is every where. Every day Ahmadinejads’ supporters make a new story to accuse us. They tortures prisoners, journalists and politicians who are in jail to take them false confessions. I’m disgusted and feel sick. They showed some “confession shows” (!!!) on state TV.

I never read hundreds shameless lies just in several days. Any way these are symptoms of a new stage in movement. Mousavi stated he is going to found a party or NGO or something like that, to keep protesting and supporting civic rights. But “country ministry” Never give him license to found such an organization. They are trying to find a way to arrest him. Karrubi visits prisoners’ families and talks to them. His words published in newspapers. It’s good to keep people alert.

Little by little something is happening. The conflict between parliament and government is increasing.

They had problem about budget. Oil price is decreasing. Very soon they can’t pay salaries.

Fortunately, People all over the world know that in Iran, nation doesn’t support the government.

Before recent events we were worried about the world attitude about us because of choosing such stupid president. The international relations of Ahmadinejad are ruining. Just some poor countries accept him. Even those countries accept him because of money. During the last 4 years he paid 9 billion$ to Lebanon, Ghaza, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia…

All these events harm people more than government. We must tolerate this terrible period of time to reach better days. You know talking about patience is easy but being patient and resistant is very hard.

I desire to die once a day, and then I try to make myself hopeful. When all around you is gloomy and disappointing thinking about hope is almost impossible. Our parent's aim was to build a good society and a good life for us, so they revolted, and now they are regretful. We are revolting for next generations. No body knows future. Perhaps every thing gets worse and worse and we have to say sorry to our children one day.

We are banishments. We are strangers in our country. We’ve no God to trust in, no confidence, no peace, even any fun and job. We can’t live our life. We haven’t any private place to share our feelings to each other.

My intelligence and talents are useless in this condition.

I’m sorry I hate telling tragic stories but sometimes I can’t stand soothing my self and others foolishly.

Prison reports

From NoU1

to Letters from Iran

date: 01st July 2000

I summarized the report about prisoners:

Most of prisoner's families haven’t got any news from them.

Lots of them arrested in ordinary situations not in demonstrations and as I told you without any official letters. Some of them arrested savagely at night raids when they were in bed. Some of them are too young: about 14 or 15 years old.

There were an African and a Turkish among prisoners they even couldn’t speak Persian!!

A man had been taking his pregnant wife to hospital when they took him. There isn’t enough space for new prisoners in “Evin” prison. Several people are kept in every cell. They haven’t enough space for sleeping. It’s very dangerous for health.

From the moment they arrest somebody till the moment he/she enters Evin there are several torture stations: police centers, basij centers, information ministry prisons…

When they arrived in prison the forces torture them terribly by electric shock and beating them by baton, chain, thick cable …

An eye witness said about one who was shot by a basiji and he had been suffering in prison without medical cares. Some of them are ill and need their own medication. They broke a young mans’ nose when he said “I need a doctor”, one of them kicked his face again.

There were lots of sexual tortures, but it’s hard for prisoners to talk about them. Just some women said they hurt by glass bottle- a kind of rape-!!!

Interrogations are very long, 4-12 hours. They ask every thing, address, phone number, friends’ numbers and addresses, email address…

The worst thing is they often make those tortures for mocking prisoners and for fun!!They broke left side of prisoners’ head then they broke the other side to make his head symmetrical then they laugh a lot!!

One witness reported about handcuffs which were tightly fastened, thus injuring his wrist.

There was one toilet in every cell in an unknown prison, in basement of country ministry. Students of Tehran University were taken there. They said every body had 30 seconds time to use toilet!! Using more led to mocking, beating and sexual tortures (probably for fun!!)

In one of prisons they force prisoners to sit on the floor for 4 days, if any body fell asleep they beat his head by baton.

Most of prisoners who released have at least a broken wrist, arm, leg or rib. On their back there are obvious livid signs of cable, chain and baton.

I’m not going to add any explanation to this report from released prisoners. It’s clear enough!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Here is a translation to English of Editorial published in LE MONDE (Paris-based French newspaper)on 29th June 2009

Iran, Terror
Editorial, LE MONDE | 29.06.09

In Iran, it’s time for terror. A regime whose legitimacy is more and more contested is imprisoning, torturing, and killing. As if it didn’t feel strong enough and sure of itself to leave a space for expression to a legal opposition which agrees to keep within the limits of the islamic regime.

President Ahmadinejad, with the support of the regime’s spiritual guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has unleashed his watchdogs. Designated targets: All those representing the broad coalition of opponents which former Prime Minister, Mir Hossein Moussavi, had united around him for Presidential election of June 12th. Fundamentalist Ahmadinejad pretends he won the election with 63% of votes. But, with such popularity, which regime would need to organize such repression.

Since millions of Iranians have dared to rally on the streets to denounce the massive electoral fraud of 12th June, more than 2000 persons have already been arrested. Some of them being tenors of the reformist camp: Collaborators to Mr. Moussavi, former ministers, journalists, university professors, human rights advocates. Also, being denounced by local committees, Iranians of all age are being arrested for simply being suspected of having taken part in the June demonstrations.

Sinister, the scenario is always the same. Plain clothed armed men without any kind of warrants come to private homes at all times of day or night. The worst is to fear. Pro-Ahmadinejad supporters have publicly threatened to execute opponents. Beatings and torture are normal scenarios in Iranian jails. In many cases arrested persons have simply disappeared. Iranians are once again subjected to the arbitrary violence of the basiji, the regime’s militia.

Its purpose is to frighten people. Its purpose is to tame an educated and sophisticated population which does not recognize itself in the illuminated proclamations of Ahmadinejad: quest for islamic purity, obsession of foreign plots, will to transform the Islamic republic in an islamic dictatorship within which would remain no space of freedom. Regime attacks Europe, by arresting Iranian employees of British embassy; regime attacks UN, by arresting a local employee. We hope for international condemnation, we wait for a minimum of solidarity with the Iranians.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

After the battle

The following is a compilation of emails received since Saturday June 20th when unseen before scenes of massive civil unrest stroke the country as government Militia used extreme violence to crackdown on mass rally organized that day in defiance of Khamenei's order to stop them.

From NoU1

To Letters from Iran

date: Monday June 29th 2009


I feel better today.

Yes, there were rallies, especially in Tehran (Sunday june 28th). We expected this result from "guardian council”. We have a good proverb in Persian:"They asked a fox: Where is your witness? He answered: Here's my tail!”

Every body knows that this council supports Ahmadinejad, because they are chosen by supreme leader. Mousavi and Karrubi haven’t stated anything up to now. It’s suspicious!

Some people are disappointed but others think nothing has changed and we must keep the protest.

The most important thing at this time is conditions of prisoners. They torture prisoners cruelly. Some of them released and revealed tortures.

Ahmadinejad made a huge propaganda against American prison in Iraq and horrible tortures. Nobody can believe these barbarians torture their innocent compatriots so savagely.


From NoU1

To Letters from Iran

Date Sunday June 28th 2009


I must strengthen myself mentally. Even I can’t laugh at all.Every night, I remember students in dormitory, students who are in horrible jails now, girls and boys in secret graves...

who wants to take revenge?! I cant consentrate on my work. Instead of demonstrations we must take state TV. Every day they make lots of false stories and feed mindless people.


From NoU1

To Letters from Iran

Sunday June 28th 2009

I was so depressed and I needed to share my feelings with somebody but even I couldn’t explain anything.

I was in Tehran on “Baharestan” sq last Wednesday (June 24th). The number of protesters wasn’t as much as previous days. There were huge number of armed forces. I’m not exaggerating every meter a military. Shops were half closed. Shop keepers had stayed in their shops but had closed the doors. Armies start striking with cables, battons and iron rods. They even beat ordinary people who were passing on sidewalk. I saw an old man, his neck was livid and got heart attack. Two rows of militaries were standing on two sides of side walks and streets to control people. They made a frightening noise through knocking their battons to their shields when people were passing between them. They didn’t allow us to stand a moment or use cell phones and public phones. They checked up peoples’ stuff randomly. I wasn’t worried about dying. It’s just a moment. I was really worried about arrest. I know conditions of women in Iran prisons are worse than men. Rape is usual, especially in these unknown underground prisons.

Before sunset the crowd dispersed. There were hundreds of military vans and motorcyclists who had taken off their motorcycles plaques in all central streets. There were scattered small demonstrations on Thursday. I came back on Friday. I’m not seriously damaged, but mentally I was shattered. I lost 7 kilos weight just in 3 week! Now, generally I’m ok.

I told about the real number of killed on Saturday rally in yesterday email. This morning one of my friends told me her brother is in army for military service, he had seen about 3 vans full of dead bodies in his garrison. I am sure they’ll burry them furtively. God, their families are looking for them. Families hope, they are in prison not in en masse graves.

Generally people are disappointed and depressed. Economic conditions are awful. The society is brimful of aversion and unreliability. We can trust no one because of informers and tapping of phones. We expect everything. We can predict nothing.

Rallies are almost over. But this movement is as like as a river and will find its way.


From NoU1

To Letters from Iran

date: Saturday 27th June2009


How are you?

finally I could over come my horrible depression this evening(to some extent) They stop our demonstrations in the streets so we'll stay at home and fight!

when I was in Tehran I heard the number of killed protesters on last saturday's rally (Saturday 20th june) was more than a hundred persons!! My friends asked ambulance drivers and hospital officials. Some drivers told them,When they carried dead bodies 2 basijis had come with them and had taken them to strange and ruined places, not hospitals.It's not the first time the regime does such a thing.In the 1980s they killed thousands of members of "mojahedin" group without trial. They burried them beside each other in every city.Then they ruined some of these areas when "UN" asked about them.That story repeats. The similarities with Islamic revolution goes up on and on.


from NoU1

to Letters from Iran
date 24 June 2009


tomorrow rally is in front of parliament on "Baharestan" square. also on main squares.

thanks for every thing.I'm lucky so I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

I'll give your email addres to a close friend who will inform you about me if I can't.


from NoU1

to Letters from Iran
23 June 2009


thank you very much for emails. Last night I could’nt sleep at all.

the weather is windy here, so satellite signals are cut off.

I'm in a terrible mood today.I'm tired of news.

I don't know what should I do:go to Tehran and throw stones, stay here and send emails to others,...

thinking is useless because nothing is reasonable now.

I'm so confused and disappointed.

you see protesters and say we can win, but I see a great percent of population who still believe in this regime.Iran society is becoming bipolar, protestors and supporters of regime. protesters are not much more than supporters..... I can’t think now.

sorry, I'm not very strong


From NoU1

To Letters from Iran

Date 22 june 2009

I can't find nothing especial about today.The number of protesters in sunday's demonstration was fewer than today.It's natural after that savage repression of saturday. Mousavi still calls people for demonstration. But the situation is actually complicated. Deposed Pahlavi king's son has stated his support for Mousavi and also Mojahedin group (a terrorist group). These things are damaging for Mousavi and protesters. This situation provide conditions for all oppositions of Iran government from all over the world. Their purposes are different from us and maybe they get us in more trouble.


From NoU1

To Letters from Iran

Date 22 june 2009

I just heard about 1000 protesters gathered in Tehran.

and that Mr.Rafsanjani is cousulting with Mr.javadi amoli a powerfull mullah in Qom. they made a bad mistake. they arrested Faezeh (Rafsanjani's daughter).They drive great shark crazy!!

wait some minutes ...


from NoU1

to Letters from Iran

date 22 June 2009 16:30


Last night I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t forget Neda’s eyes and the way she was looking. May be she couldn’t believe her death coming so soon, such blitzing, and so unjust.

Finally I fell asleep. I saw a dream. There was a tiny cage with two canaries in it. The cage was too small for them. Then I saw a hand that caught canaries and bring them out. They were trying to pull themselves out, but the hand put them in a bigger cage! Suddenly, I saw the tiny cage became full of hundreds of very small canaries. The hand tried to do the same thing with them and placed some of them in big cage but they were very small so they could run away from rods. The canaries were multiplying on and on. The hand could do nothing!

I hope my dream come in true before dying of any other Neda