Wednesday, 24 June 2009


from NoU1
Letters from Iran
date 15 June 2009 09:56
subject Dark days


These days are terrible and intolerable. We are so sad and mournful. My hope is dead, after those days of movement.

I know we haven’t been unique in history. History repeats. Most of developed countries have got such events in past. They passed those days to reach development. But in Iran during the last 2 centuries development has been like a futile circle. Mutation and fall, mutation and fall…

Army attacked to dormitory of Isfahan University this evening. Tehran has a military atmosphere. They arrested 100 of reformists last night. Our SMS system is cut off. All reformist’s websites and newspapers filtered and closed in 2 days! We can use only bbcpersian channel with parasites. Universities and schools are closed. Is it like a coup d’├ętat?! I think it is. They planned the election. They made a pretended open political atmosphere before election to encourage people to vote. So, after results they disappoint people purposely. Finally, oppositions of regime never vote again and they can get rid of election and reformation forever. They succeeded. It’s a real dictatorship. Unfortunately oppositions are not organized and we haven’t any way for communicating!

Sorry, I had lots of things to say.

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