Wednesday, 24 June 2009


from NoU1
to Letters from Iran

date 15 June 2009 17:57
subject News from Iran

Hi again,

I was crying a few minutes ago because I heard last night Basiji militia attacked Tehran university dormitories. There were shooting. More than 20 students were injured. They are very cruel; students are living in dormitories not fighting there. Unfortunately my university isn’t closed and I have final exams of my last term this week and I can’t join my friends in Tehran. I’m so sad about it. Yes your information is true. There is a huge demonstration in Tehran now. Mr. Mousavi, Karrubi (another reformist candidate), and Mr.Khatami ex-president joined people. There are other demonstrations in some other big cities. But it’s dangerous in small cities because participants are fewer so army can threaten them more effectively. Our parents said this atmosphere is very similar to Islamic revolution on 1978. People go to roofs and shout slogans like down with dictator and Mousavi take back our votes at night.

Our internet speed is terribly low. The Sms system is still dead. We have quarantined information.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting for investigating of Mr. Mousavi’s complaint. But I think it will be more formally than for real. The worst thing is that Khamenei confirmed correctness of election sooner than usual. And if Mousavi can prove himself right it means leader is guilty. And this is unacceptable for lots of people who are religious and believe in leader as God. It's a disaster for regime and almost impossible in these circumstances. So, every body knows that protest is futile. But we must show our awareness.

I know our political and social conditions and I believe victory is impossible unless the leader give up Only a miracle can help us and change conditions. We are involved in a dead end. But sometimes believing in miracles is helpful!

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