Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tehran rally, July 9th 2009, Eyewitness account

From NoU1
to Letters from Iran
Date: July 10th 2009

Tehran was very exciting!! On previous demonstrations I wasn’t so near to clashes.
I was on where Tehran University is. There were thousands of protestors but dispersed.

When I arrived in, people were just walking on sidewalks without any pauses. The only unusual thing was the great number of pedestrians! Policemen stood every where. All pedestrians were quiet. No body could recognize if they are protestors or not. While we were walking we just took a quick look at each other. I felt, I was looking at dynamite while its fuse was burning. Every body expected an explosion at any time. Suddenly a very old woman started yelling at a militiaman: “Stop killing people, you are the real Zionists…Allahu Akbar!!!” she told the Key word then every body started shouting Allahu Akbar, so, revolt and crackdown started. They shot lots of tear gas capsules. So, we had to make fire with every thing available. They started beating protestors with electric batons. I’ve never seen before. The electric shock hurled a man about 2 meters away. Every thing got worse and frightening when those unknown savage forces came over on their motor cycles. I can never forget the situation. I was in the middle of street, just in front of every body. I recognized them when they were far. I was looking into their eyes. They were very dirty, ugly and scary. You’ve seen their photos. I shouted and alarmed every one. They brought out their colts in front of my eyes. There was no way to escape, I sat in gutter beside a tree. So, we were under siege.They closed both sides of street. Finally, about 30 of us joined each other and passed among them. We went to an alley and started shouting slogans again. That was a mistake. There were just a few of us so; they followed us on motor cycles. Some of us entered in neighbors houses. They were trying to break the doors and take them.

I was running and just looking ahead. Finally, I got lost and lost them!!

Now I’m fine and happy to have had such an experience.

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